About Us

Mooring cover for 32 wood boat
seat went flying

Experience Matters

If you have a project, maybe its repairing your old boat cover or maybe its making something new for you sauna, you want to work with someone who can offer you the very best materials available, and choose the right material for each job. Then you get to choose a color, and well the fun never ends! Woo Hoo! I've been making all kinds of custom covers and doing weird upholstery jobs for over five years, and I worked with leather for years and years before that. I have the skill to bring to the table to complete your job on time and in the best way possible.

The Story So Far

I started sewing leather goodies in Florida many years ago, and also got a few sails under my belt as there are lots of sailboats on the ocean. The hurricanes drove me away, really, as I decided winter in my home state of Wisconsin with a wood stove seems nicer then weeks spent in the middle of the hottest and most humid times of the year on the coast waiting for the lights to come back on after the last hurricane and oh look! there's another one always on the horizon. At least in Wisconsin we get to look forward to the snow ending sometime at or before Cinco de Mayo. So here I am, thinking about how busy I might be if I started making boat covers in Florida but will have to settle on the local set of lakes and rivers. At least we don't have a Red Tide up here, huh?

Meet the Team

So I do most of the work it seems while the others just seem to sleep around or want to play with a chew toy. I am jealous.


Patrick D Brumm

Founder & CEO

I've been working on a commercial sewing machine since 2001, and before that took some costume construction classes at the University of West Virginia

Zero & Zippy

Zero & Zippy

Co-Vice Presidents

Siblings, adopted from the Humane Society just like their sister Pippi. They have extremely different approaches to life but even I can't tell them apart at times.

Pippi my puppy

Pippi the puppy


Pippi came aboard in May of 2016, she's a wiry shepherd hound. She has not been very good in the roll of Chief Financial Officer but hey, someone has to do it.